HAEG Art Awards
Southern Swan People's Choice Winner 2018
Thank you to HAEG for having me again, and to all the people involved in keeping this great event thriving in Southern Tasmania.
And to the voters, thank you!

A picture book I've illustrated; Elliott's Rainbow Heart is being released December 2017.
It's 32 pages of colourful rainforest as Elliott pushes himself to discover something he's wanted that's dear to his heart.
It was a real pleasure drawing this sparing no expense on the detail.
Written by Laura Wallbridge for Empowering Resources.

October 2017
For Mary
Battery Point, Hobart Tasmania.
Sandy Bay Road and St Georges Terrace
Traffic Light Box Painting
From 1995 to 1921 Mary Roberts ran a private zoo at Battery Point, Hobart, that included caring for Tasmanian Devils and Thylacines. Mary was a member of many social groups and a pioneer of her time. She presented her studies of the Tasmanian Devil to a scientific paper "Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London' in 1915. These achievements were difficult for women at the time. This painting is for Mary.
Thank you to the people of Battery Point for the support while working onsite.

May 2017
Peoples Choice Award
Derwent Valley Autumn festival 2017
I received this prize the previous year, thank you for taking the time to vote!
March 2017
Peoples Choice Award, Huon Art Awards 2017
My Wombat Painting picked up this award for this year.
Thank you to Southern Swan for sponsoring this section and to the HAEG committee for keeping artists work alive in your community.
June 2016
When I get the chance I leave little drawings, or in this case, paintings on the street with a few things and a note in a ribbon tied envelope for anyone to keep.
This one pictured was part of a series I dropped visiting Melbourne in May.
It's always nice when they write back to me. Thank you to Jillian for writing back and this photo, I'm glad it made your mothers day.
April 2016
'Tardiba' picked up two prizes at the Derwent Valley Autumn Festival Art Prize 2016.
1st Place, and 1st Peoples Choice.
I'm pictured here with event organizers Ron and Lois, thanks to these guys and more for putting it all together and The Derwent Valley Council.
There was a great variety of talent and I was surprised to pick up one award, so two knocked me over.
My drawing, 'Tardiba' pictured here in the book Tarkine Trails.
This publication put together by Phil Pullinger, features public walking areas mapped out in the Tarkine, Tasmania.
The Tarkine is a large area of Tasmania that is a mostly untouched, a beautifully wild place.
I'm very happy that this major piece is featured in something that is a part of my home.
I was very proud to be involved with Hobart City Missions OPSM Art Exhibition,
held from October 9, 2015
The fundraiser hosted a heap of Artists and Photographers displaying their work at the
Salamanca Long gallery, Hobart.
I was showing a few pieces, and showed up for a day to draw, talk about the work and answer questions.
I had a great time, Hobart City Mission hosts this event each year.
A big thank you to Maurice for getting me involved
(Picture from The Mercury newspaper)
I've recently finished this major piece, measuring 120cm x 90cm.
Most of this one is pastel, with a little acrylic paint.
The ground cover was the most difficult, like assembling an engine.
Check the Gallery to see how the final picture looks.
Tasmanian Devil
Pastel on paper
A1 page (84 x 59.4cm)
Check the gallery for a clear image
Modest Attitude
16 x 20 inch
200gsm paper
Pastel, Ink
A couple of influences are here. The dark textured background I've used from the old portrait artists from the Renaissance period to bring her forward as much as possible, as I wanted the smallest edge hair to be seen.
I have a copy of that huge book of Leonardo da Vincis' - Leonardo's Notebooks. He gives a recommendation on how to respectively portray Women with angle, limb positions etc as was the culture at the time I suppose. Towards the end he writes 'with a modest attitude'
My Before a Whisper drawing will be featured in a Black and White art book.
This book showcases 250 artists, hand picked from around the world.

Published by Out of Step Books, many of these are donated to classrooms that rely on a low budget.
This is the first of many Black & White editions they will be printing. 
I'm very excited to be a part of this!
To order and see other art books they have on offer go to Out of Step books publishing -